The nigun of the shofar

The shofar is one of the oldest wind instruments that were used by a human being. The First recorded, textual and artistic, evidence of the shofar was found in Mesopotamia (the area in today's Iraq) and date to the third millennium BC.
The Importance of the shofar is due, in part, to the fact that it is used across periods and cultures and can be found in different contexts, sacred and profane.
Beyond training and self-improvement ability with the shofar blowing, the deeper intention is the spiritual improvement, when the blowing is aimed at the gates of heaven.

The Strength and magic of the shofar is not necessarily related to his religious connection, but by being an authentic unique instruments.  Each shofar has his own unique and different sound.
The shofar collection of  Arik Livnat includes different types of shofars that produce clear, unique and diverse sound. Over the years, Arik Livnat developed an instrument  that combines saxophone and shofar and it is a unique international invention. The name of the instrument is Shofarik.

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 Listen to RABI'S BOUNCE (intro with the Shofarik)

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