Livnat brothers Cd collection

The Livnat brothers produced and recorded seven albums:
The first disc, "The One You Can't See" (1990) includes original music that was dedicated to their father, the pilot Arnon Livnat ,who was killed in the Six Day War.
The second disc, "Meditation of the Sad Soul" (1997) is a fascinating adaptation of poems by various poets. The Third disc, "Jewish Jazz live in Poland" (2000) was recorded live in the prestigious jazz club, Blue Note, in Poland and became part of the tour of 15 concerts throughout the country.
The fourth disc, "A Child's Dream" (2002) won ACUM's "Golden Feather" award.
The fifth disc "Arik Livnat" (2002), original music and songs.
The sixth disc,"ven Yash is geforn" (2004) music based on the yiddish novel 'ven Yash is geforn'.
The seventh disc "Manger Ballads" (2007) with Helen Beer.