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Arik livnat's artistic activity via "Golden Peacock productions – Ingeleh Tavas for Children".
Art& music for children with the best quality artists.

We, at "Golden Peacock productions", Believe that in a multi-channel era, our children are exposed to a considerable amount of information, most of it, does not match the target audience and may harm children's mental development process.
Our job is to filter the unnecessary content and to find necessary and healthy artistic content, when the goal is to lead the child to maximum positive development.

"Golden Peacock Productions' culture & art department was established in 1997 and since then regularly engaged in the search for high-quality content for children.

Loving Heart

"Forget Playback ! The show  "Loving Heart" with Arik Livnat  will reveal true jazz  for kids. The children will have a fun time and rich joy of music." Gali Poliakov >> "Loving Heart" is a musical show for children that  first came in "Haifa Children Theatre Festival" in 2010 and was elected to be  the festival's musical show. "Loving Heart" is a show which attract hundreds of children and families and makes a lot of attention among many …

My private ceremony

The play "My private ceremony" is based on the personal story of musician and actor Arik Livnat. Arik has never met his father, pilot Capt. late Arnon Livnat, who fell with his plane at El Arish on June 5, 1967, the first day, first hour of the Six Day War. Arik was born exactly one month later, on July 5. The play was created during the process and ongoing joint work of Arik Livnat and director Yaqui Machraz. Mosaic materials and personal stories of Arik processed in the joint work of psychodrama improvisation and dramatic play written and directed by Yaqui Machraz. The stage, …

The Mutual Note

Writer and director: Yaki Mahraz Wind instruments: Arik Livnat  Percussions: Hen Zimbalista Design of set and props: Nizan Reffaeli Lighting: Misha Chernyevski, Ina Malkin-Salomon What happens to two friends when they don’t always get along? They encounter each other through the sounds and the music. What happens when each one has a dream to play …