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Arik Livnat bio

Arik Livnat is one of the top Israeli saxophone players. Also plays flutes, and shofar. He recorded and performed together with some of the best artists in Israel, and also made an appearance with the American singer Stevie Wonder. He received "America Israel" Foundation grants for jazz music. "ACUM" (Israeli composers organization) Golden Feather award …

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Arik Livnat Quartet @ Shablul Jazz club

 Tickets – Bravo site >> The Performance is based on the concept of improvisation and musical freedom that forms a unique and special experience. The works and diverse repertoire was written in different periods. This is the fruitful cooperation artists  with a wide musical range. Arik Livnat- saxophones, flute, shofar Yoav Cohen- piano Gilad Ephrat- …

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Loving Heart –

TICKETS- Bravo site >> "Forget Playback ! The show  "Loving Heart" with Arik Livnat  will reveal true jazz  for kids. The children will have a fun time and rich joy of music." Gali Poliakov >> "Loving Heart" is a musical show for children that  first came in "Haifa Children Theatre Festival" in 2010 and was elected to be  the festival's musical show. "Loving Heart" is a show which attract hundreds of …

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Peter Wertheimer and Arik Livnat- DUET

TICKETS>>  Peter Wertheimer and Arik Livnat- DUET Peter Wertheimer – Wind instruments  (saxophones, flutes) Arik Livnat – Wind instruments (saxophones, flutes) Nachum Pereferkovich  – Piano Edmond Gilmore – Bass Guy Ben-Barak – Drums

The nigun of the shofar

The shofar is one of the oldest wind instruments that were used by a human being. The First recorded, textual and artistic, evidence of the shofar was found in Mesopotamia (the area in today's Iraq) and date to the third millennium BC. The Importance of the shofar is due, in part, to the fact that it is used across periods and cultures and can be found in different contexts, sacred and profane. Beyond training and self-improvement ability with the shofar blowing, the deeper intention is …

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Livnat brothers Cd collection

The Livnat brothers produced and recorded seven albums: The first disc, "The One You Can't See" (1990) includes original music that was dedicated to their father, the pilot Arnon Livnat ,who was killed in the Six Day War. The second disc, "Meditation of the Sad Soul" (1997) is a fascinating adaptation of poems by various …

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